Does acupuncture provide any benefits to patients that are suffering from blood cancers and disorders?

- by Kelly D
from USA


Kelly D:

Does acupuncture provide any benefits to patients that are suffering from blood cancers and disorders?

Dr. Amy Sears:

So the good news is that the answer is yes, it has a number of benefits on several levels. And the other very good news that it’s very safe. I know many oncology patients of all different types at all different stages, especially depending on what oncologist they have may have some concerns about safety, cleanliness, infection. And of course, everybody always wants to know if it hurts or not. So the other good news is that it depending on how the practitioner is trained, and how they practice is a very gentle, relaxing technique, where over 80% of people feel basically nothing. The remaining 18 19% feel very, very little, and one out of 1000 people find some of the acupuncture points a little uncomfortable. But in 25 years, I think I’ve had two people that just didn’t like the actual procedure. So within the Yes, I would say number one for any kind of medication side effects. There are hundreds of acupuncturists all over the country specifically trained on working with all types of cancer patients, including medications, side effects, we treat successfully. All kinds of other things not related to an oncological situation right anything else the patient might have, in addition to the overall functional systems of the body in terms of immune system, acupuncture has been proven to be systemically anti inflammatory. Naturally, it’s extremely well known for all different types of pains, pains in different locations, but also pains induced for different things. It’s very relaxing, very beneficial to mood. Those are the main headings of things that in my I’ve been working specifically with oncology patients since 2002. And those are many of the main headings that people come in with. The only thing to note is acupuncture is not utilized and should not be utilized with an expectation of curing anything in the cancer realm. If you’d like any more information, you can look for a local practitioner. There’s also national board certifying organization that can help anyone anywhere in the United States find a nationally board certified acupuncturist in their area. And you can of course, contact your insurance company to see about any insurance so I hope I answered your question and some little aspects within it that seemed to be frequently as

- by Amy J. Sear, A.P, Dipl. O.M.
from Pembroke Pines, FL
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