How do you find financial assistance grants?

- by Rogina R
from USA


Rogina R:  How do you find financial assistance grants and know when to keep applying for them when available to help with the costs and expenses incurred that are not covered by insurance?

Cieara Scott:  Thank you so much for your question.  LLS offers various financial assistance programs to help individuals with blood cancer.  The best way to find out what programs are available is to visit  The financial support page lists all LLS financial assistance programs with links to the program pages.  Each of the program pages will have a description, the award amounts, and eligibility criteria, and instructions on how to apply.  Program openings and closings will be reflected on the individual web page as quickly as possible.  If a fund is marked open and green lettering, that means that we are accepting applications.  If a fund is marked as fully subscribed and red lettering, that means that we are not enrolling additional patients.  If a fund is fully subscribed, we do encourage our patients to regularly check our website and or contact our information resource center, at 1-800-955-4572 for other financial, educational and support resources.

- by Cieara Scott
from Rye Brook, NY
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